Non-constant discounting and Ak-type growth models

  • Referencia: Cabo, F, Martín-Herran, G y María Pilar Martínez García: “Non-constant discounting and Ak-type growth models”. 2024, Economic Letters, June 2015, vol. 131, 54-58.

ABSTRACT This paper analyzes an AkAk-type endogenous growth model under non-constant discounting, assuming both naïve and sophisticated consumers. For both types of consumers an isoelastic utility with an intertemporal elasticity below one guarantees observational equivalence under exponential and non-constant discounting, but rejects strong equivalence (identical overall impatience does not lead to identical growth rates). Further, polices aimed at increasing productivity of the economy are less growth-enhancing than typically predicted by the literature with exponential discounting

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