Quality and endogenous tourism: an empirical approach

  • Referencia: Albadalejo, I, M. P. Martínez-García y M.I. González-Martínez: “Quality and endogenous tourism: an empirical approach”. 2024, Tourism Management, April 2014, vol. 41, 141-147.

ABSTRACT We propose a theoretical model and an empirical study that highlight the role of quality of tourism services and endogenous tourism in long-run economic growth. We study a theoretical growth model of international trade where tourism is the growth engine and quality of tourism services has a positive impact on long-term growth. We also provide an empirical analysis to test the relation between tourism, quality and economic growth in Spain over the period 1970-2010. Our results show that in the long run, tourist arrivals, quality of tourism accommodations, and foreign GDP have a positive effect on Spanish GDP. In the short term, changes in economic growth appear to lead to growth in tourist arrivals. Our findings support a two-way causal relationship between real GDP growth and tourism growth in Spain

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