Seminario 22/03: Juan Carlos Gonçalves (UMH-Ayuda Margarita Salas). Project Management


  • Ponente: Juan Carlos Gonçalves (UMH-Ayuda Margarita Salas).
  • Fecha: 09/Mar/2022 - 12:00 horas
  • Lugar: Sala Seminarios CIO (Se grabará).
Project Management

Project management is an important body of knowledge and practices that comprises the planning, organization and control of resources to achieve one or more pre-determined objectives. In this presentation, we introduce ProjectManagement, a new R package that provides the necessary tools to manage projects in a broad sense, and illustrate its use by examples. We also introduce procedures, based on game theory, to distribute the cost resulting from the delay with respect to a pre-established due date in a project.

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