Seminario 20/14: Jan-J. Rückmann (University of Bergen), Stability of C-stationary Points for Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints


  • Ponente: Jan-J. Rückmann, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Fecha: 08/Jun/2020 - 12:00 horas
  • Lugar: SEMINARIOS ONLINE CIO (UMH): (Se grabará)

We consider the class of mathematical programs with complementarity constraints (MPCC). Under an appropriate constraint qualification of Mangasarian-Fromovitz type we present a topological and an equivalent algebraic characterization of a stronglystable C-stationary point of MPCC. Strong stability refers to the local uniqueness, existence and continuous dependence of a solution for each sufficiently small perturbed problem where perturbations up to second order are allowed. This concept of strong stability was originally introduced by Kojima for standard nonlinear optimization; here, its generalization to MPCC demands a sophisticated technique which takes the combinatorial properties of the solution set of MPCC into account.

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