Seminario 17/07: Mª José Gutierrez (U. País Vasco) – Harvesting Control Rules that deal with Scientific Uncertainty


  • Ponente: Mª José Gutierrez. Universidad del País Vasco
  • Fecha: 23/Mar/2017 - 11:00 horas
  • Lugar: Seminario del Departamento de Métodos Cuantitativos para la Economía y Empresa, UMU. Retransmisión en directo y grabación.


By using robustness methods we design HCRs that explicitly include scientific uncertainty. Under scientific uncertainty –when the perceived model can be generated by a nearby operating model– robust HCRs are designed assuming that the (inferred) operating model is more persistent than the perceived model. As a result, a robust HCR has a steeper ratio between fishing mortality and biomass than a non robust one. We prove that constant effort HCRs are not robust. Moreover, rather than decreasing fishing mortality reference points for exploitation, the optimal robust response to scientific uncertainty is to increases biomass precautionary limit points when knowledge about the stock status decreases. Finally, we show that robustness can be implemented if fishing mortality is increased faster than linearly –by a factor of 2-fold– when a stock is assessed as above 0.5BMSY. We illustrate our findings by designing HCRs for 17 ICES stocks using this rule of thumb.