Four essays on institutions and economics

  • Autor: Laura López Gómez
  • Director/es: Arielle Beyaert, José García Solanes
  • Defensa: 18/10/2019 - Facultad de Economía y Empresa. Universidad de Murcia
  • Tribunal: Máximo Camacho Alonso, María Dolores Guilló Fuertes, Ana María Cuadros Ramos
  • Calificación: Sobresaliente cum laude


The objective of this thesis is to analyse how institutional quality affects economic performance at different levels. We use various econometric techniques to study institutional convergence in the eurozone countries; we next carry out counterfactual analysis to determine to what extent the implementation of the single currency affected the level of corruption in the eurozone countries. The next step is to analyse the effect of institutional quality on long-term growth. Finally, we study the impact of institutions at an international level in two different aspects: we first evaluate the relationship between institutions and tourism demand at country level and second the spatial effects of the tourism demand.