Consumer complaint behaviour in telecommunications: The case of mobile phone users in Spain

  • Referencia: Garín-Muñoz, T, Pérez-Amaral, T, Gijón, C y R. López: “Consumer complaint behaviour in telecommunications: The case of mobile phone users in Spain”. 2024, Telecommunications Policy, available online June 2015.

ABSTRACT This work analyses the post-purchase behaviour of mobile phone users once they have experienced a service failure. Taking into account the existing literature on Consumer Complaint Behaviour (CCB), a survey for 4249 individuals in Spain is used for specifying econometric equations that explain the determinants of the complaining decision and the impact that a proper complaint management may have on overall satisfaction. The results suggest that dissatisfaction is not a necessary condition for complaining and that the propensity to complain is different depending on the type of problem experienced by the customer. Another finding is that a proper handling of complaints by the company may constitute a source of improvement in the overall user satisfaction and profitability of the firm. This result is of interest for its implications when designing a company׳s marketing strategy. Accordingly it seems reasonable to use complaint management as a powerful tool to retain customers

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