Becas Fulbright de investigación predoctoral

Convocatoria de becas Fulbright dirigida a titulados superiores españoles que estén realizando el doctorado en España y estén interesados en llevar a cabo proyectos de investigación predoctoral en EE.UU. Es imprescindible disponer de una carta de invitación de una institución estadounidense y dominio excelente del inglés -hablado y escrito-. Plazo de presentación hasta el 30…


Seminario 18/24: Vita Zhukova (UCAM) – The Role of Firms’ Trustworthiness in Business Angels’ Investment. Experimental Evidence from 3-player Trust Game

Business Angels are private individuals who invest their personal financial resources in new and growing small firms. To study Business Angels’decisions we design an experiment based on the Trust Game (Berg et al., 1995) and add a third party, the Business Angel, who decides whether and how much to invest in a firm that is…

Ortogonal Polynomials

Seminario 18/25: Francisco Marcellán (Universidad Carlos III) A friendly approach to orthogonal polynomials and their applications

The theory of orthogonal polynomials constitutes a nice example of the interplay between classical analysis, numerical analysis, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical physics. In this talk we will deal with orthogonal polynomials associated with measures supported on the real line with a special emphasis on the situations where they are eigenfunctions of higher order…


Seminario18/23: Francisco Martínez-Sánchez (U. Murcia) – Avoiding Commercial Piracy when Consumers are Loss Averse

Abstract: I analyze how the loss aversion of consumers affects the strategies of the government and the incumbent to avoid commercial piracy and the price competition between the incumbent and the pirate. To that end, I develop a sequential duopoly model of vertical product differentiation with price competition in which consumers have a reference-dependent utility….