Seminario 19/3: Luís Corchón (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) – Two remarks on consumer surplus

Abstract: In this paper we investigate the use of consumer surplus in monopoly when the consumption of the outside good cannot be smaller than a certain number and when the weights given in the social welfare function to consumers and the firm are different. We assume quasi-linear utility and constant returns to scale. We find…


Seminario 19/2: Juan Vicente Llinares (UM) and Susana Álvarez (UM) – A New Index to Measure Educational Poverty and its Application to the OECD countries from PISA 2009 – 2015

Abstract: The consequences that educational underperformance has on both individuals and society as a whole lead policy makers and planners to focus on how to measure it properly. The aim of this paper is to propose an index to measure educational poverty which, taking as a starting point the economic literature on multidimensional poverty measurement,…


Seminario 19/1: Alfonso Rosa García (UCAM) -Coopetition: a group contest with inversely proportional prize-sharing

Abstract A general finding in group contest is that there is an over-expenditure of effort, that is contests between groups generate very high individual efforts (and little free riding) compared to theoretical predictions. However, in the literature the way that the prize is shared ranges only between proportional sharing to egalitarian sharing. In many environments…


César Nebot, primer doctor en la Universidad de Murcia por el Programa DEcIDE

El pasado 30 de noviembre, César Nebot Monferrer defendió su Tesis Doctoral Threshold detection and analysis: MARS methodology in Macroeconomics and Public Health, realizada bajo la dirección de los doctores del programa Arielle Beyaert y José García Solanes. El tribunal, presidido por Gabriel Pérez Quirós, otorgó a la Tesis la calificación de Sobresaliente cum laude por unanimidad….