Una panorámica de las telecomunicaciones en España

  • Referencia: Gallardo, F y María Teresa Garín: “Una panorámica de las telecomunicaciones en España”. 2024, Papeles de Economía Española, 136, (2013), pp. 2-19.

Abstract: This article deals with some relevant aspects concerning the Spanish telecom sector in order to show a panoramic view of it. Some of them will be analyzed in detail in other articles of this volume. The article starts by placing the telecom sector within the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) macro sector. Then we analyze the weight of the sector in the Spanish economy in terms of revenues, capex and employment. Once the telecom sector has been enclosed, we put forward the main achievements, problems and challenges for the future. In this context we will pay attention to issues linked to the regulatory environment, the level of satisfaction shown by the users and the development of infrastructures and services

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