Seminario 21/3: Otaviano Canuto (Policy Center for the New South) – Lost in transition: developing countries in the global economy


  • Ponente: Ottaviano Canuto
  • Fecha: 11/Feb/2021 - 16:00 horas
  • Lugar: Videoconferencia vía Zoom (se proporcionará el link a la sesión través del Aula Virtual)

The growth and productivity performance of emerging market and developing economies since the 2008 global financial crisis failed to repeat the achievements of the previous decade. Besides frustrating expectations that they might become the new growth pole in the global economy, their convergence to per capita incomes of advanced economies has suffered a setback. Nonetheless, the path of policies and reforms to be pursued in that direction remains the same, something accentuated by the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

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