Litigate or Mediate GameTheory cooperates with Law

  • Referencia: Valera-Peña, J. C y Ana Meca: “Litigate or Mediate GameTheory cooperates with Law”. 2024, Boletín de la Sociedad de Estadística e Investigación Operativa, Vol. 31, núm. 3, pp 1-33.

ABSTRACT We all are in conflict. Throughout our evolution to a world of limited resources, it is common the clash between people whose interests are contrary. It can be said that in this context the conflict itself is neither positive nor negative, it is natural and necessary for growth and change, and it is inseparable from the essence of the human being, after all we are machines to solve conflicts, we are the descendants of those who were able to solve them. In this paper we use a model of game theory to compare the cooperative attitudes (mediation) against non-cooperative (litigation) of agents in the legal framework for conflict resolution in the courts. This model, which is an asymmetric variation of the classic hawk-dove model is called dispute-mediation model. We will conduct a strategic analysis of dispute-mediation model and compare it with the classical model hawk-dove.

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